Our Team
Thomas Mixa, M.D. P.A.

Dr. Mixa is a Johns Hopkins graduate trained by world renowned total joint surgeons, Dr. David Hungerford, Dr. Kenneth Krackow, and Dr. Anthony Hedley. He has performed over 5,000 joint replacements with exceptional results over the past 25 years. 

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Neita LePak 
Surgery Coordinator

Neita has many years of experience in the medical field. She has worked with over 40 doctors as an administrative secretary for over 6 years. She has worked as an office manager in different medical facilities for over 6 years. She currently works with Dr. Mixa and has been the surgery coordinator for him for over 9 years. 

Anne Kravil
X-Ray Technologist

Anne graduated from Burlington County College Radiography Program in 2002. She has been practicing for over 16 years. Anne has been with Mixa Orthopedics for almost 4 years now.

Tiffany Rhoten
Medical Receptionist

Tiffany graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. She is currently attending Dental Hygienist school to become a Pediatric Dental Hygienist. Tiffany has been working at Mixa Orthopedics for a 1 year now.

Minh Chung
Medical Assistant

Minh graduated from St. Petersburg College with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. He is now in a masters program that leads in to Medical School and is no longer with Mixa Orthopedics. We are proud to have worked with him!

Martha Mixa, P.A.-C

Martha has been practicing as a Physician's Assistant for over 10 years. She took time off to become a full time stay at home mom, to raise her eight wonderful children. She later returned to the workforce to practice as a Physician's Assistant with her Husband in Orthopedics. To learn more about Martha, Click Here

Yvette Jones
Office Manager

Yvette has been in the medical field since 1982. She graduated as a Medical Assistant in 1988. Before coming to Dr. Mixa's practice she worked at Palm's of Pasadena Hospital as Unit Administrator for over 18 years. She joined Dr. Mixa's team in July of 2012 and has been happy here ever since.

Ariel Siler
Medical Assistant/ Receptionist

Ariel graduated from University of South Florida with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. She has worked for over 5 years in the medical field as a Medical Assistant and Receptionist. She has currently been accepted to PA school and will begin this August, to follow in the footsteps of Ms. Martha Mixa who is a Physician's Assistant. Ariel has been working at Mixa Orthopedics for over 2 years now.

Joe Mixa
Medical Assistant

Joe started at Florida State University. After attending there for  two years he transferred to University of Florida. He graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor's of Science in Microbiology. He is currently applying to MD Programs and will be continuing in his father's footsteps to become a doctor.

Rolando Perez
Medical Assistant

Rolando is originally from Cuba. He graduated from University of Florida with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry. He is now attending St. George's University, MD Program and is no longer with Mixa Orthopedics. We are very proud of his accomplishments and will keep in touch along his journey.

Our Practice


Mixa Orthopedics has been open as a private orthopedic practice since 2008. Dr. Mixa works with his wife who is his Physician's Assistant. Together along with his staff and team they see over 65 patients in a day . Dr. Mixa sees patients in office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are when he travels to the hospitals and surgery centers to perform surgery. While running his own practice, Dr. Mixa is also on call and seeing patients in the hospital at over 4 different hospitals in the Tampa Bay area.

As said by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, "Orthopedics is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries and diseases of your body's musculoskeletal system. This complex system included your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves and allows you to move, work, and be active."


Latest Clinic News:

Types of Arthritis


(80%) is from wear and tear.

Rheumatoid Arthritis-

(15%) is from Autoimmune Disorders

Shouler Pain/ Bursitis

Most shoulder bursitis results from overuse activities causing swelling and impingement of the rotator cuff muscles. Medication, cortisone injections, and therapy are helpful. Arthroscopic removal of bursitis and bone spurs may be needed. Shoulder replacement is very helpful.



What is an Arthroscopy?

This is use of TV camera/probes and shavers which are passed through small holes to clean out joints such as knee and shoulder, and on occasion the elbow, wrist, and ankle as well. With minimal scarring, recovery is rapid.



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger

The popularity of the personal computer has led to a rise in these hand conditions. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is pressure on the median nerve at the wrist. Numbness of the fingers and night pain, are common. Splinting and cortisone injections may help. Surgical release usually gives immediate relief. Trigger finger is a swollen pulley that causes the tendon to snap. If conservative measures are not helpful, then surgical release usually cures the triggering.

Tennis Elbow

This is pain outside of the elbow often related to computer keyboard use or other manual activities. Medication, ice, lifting precautions, and cortisone injections are helpful. Symptoms may last on and off for many months. Surgery is rarely indicated.

Total Hip Resurfacing

This is a total hip procedure that removes less bone. Young athletic patients are candidates for this. Dr. Mixa is certified to perform this procedure as is required by the FDA.